Brad Hartmaier

The Artist – A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist. – Louis Nizer

Brad_Hartmaier_HeadshotMy name is Brad Hartmaier, I’m a Producer, Director and Cameraman with over 25 years experience. My work has been featured around the world in TV Commercials, Music Videos, Business Films and Magazine Publications. I started out my early career as a screenwriting student at UCLA, with aspirations to write and direct feature films. While at school, I was offered a job in a very prominent Hollywood Art Department, working on TV Commercials, Music Videos and Advertising Campaigns. I grew up in houseful of designers, builders and decorators and had many years of design and construction experience, set work was a natural fit. I started as truck driver, and quickly worked my way up through the ranks as a Set Dresser, Decorator, Lead Man, Prop Master, Special Effects Man, Art Director and Production Designer. I worked closely with producers, directors, agency art directors and clients to shape the look and feel of each project. Our work was very demanding, executed with military precision as there was never any room for error. I’ve worked with some amazing geniuses in Hollywood and around the world, and have formed some great alliances and experiences along the way. I’m sure I can help make your project a success, so call me to discuss your needs.

mojosetsMojo Sets Hollywood – I started a creative design company called Mojo Sets Hollywood to augment my Art Directing and Production projects. When the internet came on the scene, everything changed. Studio research departments and support services were replaced seemingly overnight. Being both an artistic and computer geek with graphic design and computer systems experience, I realized quickly that the entertainment world was going all digital and fast. As budgets got smaller and green screen objects were replacing props and backgrounds, I decided to move into the digital media world of web site design, development and online marketing. After going to both the USC and UCLA computer departments for help building websites, they politely responded, “It looks like you know more about website design than we do”. I was determined, and I have to say that the learning curve has been steep, very steep. I formed a company called Alldigitalnet Internet Services, and cut my teeth on some interesting websites. I also developed a LAMP based CMS (Content Management System) called CMS Logic, prior to the now popular WordPress. CSM Logic is in it’s second stage of development, works flawlessly and still runs a variety of websites today, including Alldigitalnet. Visit:,

Art & Technology – Learning the technical aspects of design, photography, web design and digital media has been challenging, and combining that with the artistic side of things has proved equally so. The things that I create are memory stones, and I feel proud and privileged to have had my work seen by millions of people around the world.

702arts-logo 2702 Arts Entertainment – Over the years, I’ve moved deeper and deeper into a digital world, far from the taste of saw dust and smell of fresh cut lumber, and created a company called 702 Arts Entertainment. 702 Arts Entertainment is a multimedia design and production company developing projects for the Web, TV and Film in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas markets respectively. It’s an exciting time to be a creative artist and I continue to create and produce fun and exciting projects. The internet, social media, technology and online marketing are melding as one, and have opened a new world of possibilities and opportunities for clients, creative marketing campaigns and advertising agencies alike. Visit:

Brad Hartmaier Productions – Alongside 702 Arts Digital Media, Brad Hartmaier Productions is a full service TV and Film Production Company serving Las Vegas and Los Angeles respectively. We produce Business Films, Docu-Series , Reality TV, Event Production, Video Production and Photography Services. We also offer complete production crews services in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Film Making – At an early age I caught the movie bug, and I can safely say that my first love is film making and story telling. I’ve always been shooting stills, videos and writing stories, and recently, had the good fortune to shoot some small films, music videos and commercials. I love the creative and collaborative process between actors, technicians and storytellers, and can’t think of anything more rewarding than traveling on the road I’m on. I continue to write, produce and direct original and commercial works and grow as a visual artist and story teller. Favorite Movie “On The Waterfront” with Marlon Brando.


  • MTV Music Video Awards / Best Art Direction | Guns N Roses – “November Rain”
  • Clio Award – Pepsi / Doritos “Monster Match”
  • Best Art Direction | Jim Carrey – “King of the Jungle” Entertainment Weekly
  • Commercial Excellence Award (JP) – Production Design | Nissin Foods
  • American Photo – Best Art Direction
  • Deans List – Howard Hughes College of Engineering

Projects – Completed over 400+ projects within budget and project time frame. Art Department Head, Project Manager, Art Director, Production Designer for TV Commercials, Music Videos, Film, and Multi Media Projects.

Associated Projects / Clients / Ad Campaigns / Directors / Production Companies

Budweiser, Pepsi, US Magazine, General Motors , Sega Nike, Coca Cola, Renault, Volvo, Amex, General Mills, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Tylenol, Reebok, Air walk, PG&E, Rolling Stone, LA Times, New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly, NFL, Nokia, Ray Ban, Elektra, The Hooters, Guns N Roses, Iron Maiden, Phillips 66, Toshiba, UNLV TV, Venetian Hotel. Michael Bay, Gary Johns, Rick Levine, Kinka Usher, Peter Kagen, Jake Scott, Wim Wenders, Zach Snyder, Joe Berlinger, David Brant, Dan Winters, Tony Scott, Satellite Films, Stiefel & Company, Propaganda, RSA USA, Johns & Gorman, Black Dog, Bedford Falls, Geffen Records, Epitaph Records, G3, Spike TV, Universal, Warner Brothers, Dream Works /SKG, Capitol Records, EMI America, Columbia Pictures.

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